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Working in both import and export our container department specialize in all ocean freight


  • We can offer global FCL Import shipment with solutions either via Thessaloniki or Varna, Burgas depending on the clients’ requirements
  • We can also offer Import shipments via the port of Piraeus for transit time sensitive shipments
  • With Agents in over 135 ports we provide up to date information about your pick-ups and communicate directly with your shippers to ensure cargo is timely and properly loaded.
  • Our experienced team will assist in transit procedures and documents required to ensure smooth delivery.


  • We offer global comprehensive solutions for Export FCL via all ports in Bulgaria as well as Thessaloniki Port in Greece.
  • We help analyze your needs and suggest the carriers, routings and equipment best suited to your transport needs.
  • With our partners in more than 135 ports globally we ensure that you are informed of local requirements.
  • With our tracking system you can follow your shipments online directly on our site.


ABC Shipping Transport Ltd

Apt 3 BI 113, Strelbishte Area, Sofia 1404, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2964 1546 Fax:     +359 2963 5266

E-mail: ocean@abcshippingtransport.com

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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